Feb 22, 2010

And his name is....

Oops I forgot I promised an update on our little one's name! Drumroll please...............
he is now officially known as:


We all love it! Joseph is Mark's middle name...Bryce doesn't really come from anyone or anything - it was just what seemed to strike us as being the "one." If he wants, when he's old enough to care, he could go by his initials "B.J." I think it's really cute.
Anyway, I also humbled myself enough to step in front of the camera for a hump day picture. Nice pun, huh? I hate cameras when I'm pregnant - I don't really want to save my fat face for posterity's sake...so this may be the only one! This was at 20 weeks and 3 days...a little more than half way. Hopefully even more than that if he'll cooperate and come at the end of June like I'm hoping (I'm due July 7).
My body has been reminding me already that this is baby #5 and it's getting worn out. As soon as the yucks of the first trimester were over, I got the new companionship of round ligament pains and sciatica...neither of which I can do anything about. These next four months could be LONG.

I did have fun this morning sorting through some borrowed maternity clothes (thanks tons Jess!). I'm really glad I won't have to go out and buy new stuff (since this is my first summer-time baby) because really, who wants to buy new clothes that you'll wear for a few months and then never again? (Yes, this is the last baby for us!) I'm just too frugal for that. Gotta love sharing the goods!

On a side note, Ammon has been very grumpy today after a busy weekend with no naps. He must have heard me tell one of the other kids that this morning, because just now when I told him it was his nap time he immediately said, "He's grumpy today!" It always surprises me how much these little one's pick up on! Now it's time for me to get something done while he sleeps!


  1. Emily, you look awesome! I love that you have to put both hands around your belly to make it look like you have a belly. I did that at 13 weeks. :) Bryce is a cute name. Can't wait to meet him!

  2. He'll be the second Bryce Bishop! Funny! But ours is Bryce William Bishop.

  3. You are tiny still!!! (I'm sure you don't feel that way--but your angle is the worst one...or at least that's what I tell myself!) Good job on name picking! Wish we could come up with something we both agree on, I'm thinking our little papoose might be nameless until Ryan finally comes around and decides to just go with the name that I have already named her : )

  4. You look great! I can't believe #5...I am just waiting to hear about #6 :)!