May 25, 2010

Hmmm....I'm tempted!

Went to the doctor today - I'm now 34 weeks pregnant...and it is a wonderful milestone to reach. If the baby were born now he would have as good a survival rate as if he were full term. Whew! I'm so excited to be that far along...although it also makes me nervous to be that close to delivery! I'm not sure I'm ready to have a newborn, but I'm definitely ready to have my body back so I guess it's one or the other!

Everything is looking fine and normal with the pregnancy - and the doctor confirmed that I am indeed carrying the baby really low...thus all the nerve pain in my back and legs. He is head down (low low down) and he has a favorite position with his rear end on one side of my tummy (making me all lopsided) and his feet pushing against the other side. You can actually see these two little bumps where his feet are pushing - it's crazy! Dr. said that usually when women carry a baby that low it means a quicker's hoping.

So the reason I'm tempted is that he also gave me the option of being induced early to avoid the chance of being in the hospital for the 4th of July holiday (I'm due on the 7th). I've never had a doctor offer to induce me early purely for convenience and I must say at this point it sounds really appealing. I've been all gung-ho this time for laboring in the tub and trying to avoid an epidural. But if I get induced that concept is out the window. I was induced with Josh and I know how much more painful it can be. But the trade-off of delivering early may just be worth it. AND even more of a consideration is that if I am able to schedule the delivery, I can plan for babysitters and eliminate all the worry of wondering who will be available to help with my other kids, as well as making sure Mark is nearby since he works in SLC and normally rides the bus which might make it tricky for him to get home if I were to go into labor mid-day. Then again, maybe I will just go into labor early on my own and that will answer the question for me. I was a week early with Holly and there is a good chance. Mark is on a business trip in Mexico City so I haven't yet gotten his opinion...any advice anyone?

May 23, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Ella was so proud to graduate from preschool Wednesday. They had the cutest ceremony and I could hear her singing nice and loud (she loves to perform). We are grateful she was in such a good program and enjoyed herself so much. I can't believe my baby girl will be headed to kindergarten in a few months! I would love her to stay little forever...
I have some really cute video clips but blogger is giving me troubles...I'll try to post them again soon! Congratulations Ella!

May 8, 2010

Once in a while...

you get the chance to experience the perfect Spring day. That happened to us a few weeks ago when Mark was gone on a scout campout and I decided to take the kids to the "Baby Animal Birthday Party" at Thanksgiving Point Farm Country. As you can see the skies were blue and clear, the sun was out, and it was absolutely beautiful. This was a fun event with lots of activities for the kids. One of the favorites was the "cow train" - they drove it around the pasture and it was really bumpy which made it lots of fun...even Mommy rode it and was laughing!

Ammon still talks about the cow train...he LOVED it
Some of the babies were in cages, but we did get to pet a cute little goat
Cute little fuzzy ducklings
Bubble gum & whipped cream "pig trough"

Hooray for a great family outing!