Mar 31, 2008

Daddy's little boy

Mark and Ammon were having some cute bonding time Saturday...his smiles and "talking" are getting so cute!

Mar 28, 2008

Whew! What a crazy three weeks! I haven't posted in the last three weeks for a very good reason...we sold our house! That's right. We decided with a new family member that we could use some more space, so two weeks on the market and kaboom, we had an offer and had 1.5 weeks to get out! So at first I was a cleaning maniac for two weeks while it was listed, and then I was a packing maniac! It was very hectic trying to get everything organized, packed, and moved in such a short time - especially with a newborn! (not to mention three other kids!)

We closed yesterday, and once the funding has gone through I will breath easy. In the meantime, we are living in Mark's brother's mother-in-law apartment in Pleasant Grove. This is great for the kids because they can play with their cousins every day. We are a little cramped in two bedrooms, but at least one of the rooms is big enough for three twin beds with play space left over. The best news (and what makes this temporary arrangement bearable) is that we get to build! We are so excited, we never though we'd get to actually build. Our lot is in Pleasant Grove as well and right by an elementary school with easy access to stores & the bus stop for Mark. Hooray!

Josh started at his new school and I'm relieved that he seems very happy there. We also transferred Holly to a different preschool and she loves it as well. Things just seem to be falling in to place all around. Stay tuned for more updates and photos - once I get all settled :-) Oh I guess I can post the floorplan for those of you who are interested. The first one is the main floor (rambler style) and the second one is the basement, which will be finished too. If any of you have tips for "do's" and "don'ts" when choosing things for a new house, let me know because this is all new to me!

Mar 6, 2008

Tooth Fairy

These first few pics are of Holly hammin' it up at bedtime - gotta love the shower cap and belt ensemble.
Last night Holly lost her first tooth! Finally! We've been trying to get her to let us pull it for weeks! It was very traumatic for all involved and let's just say it wasn't quiet and peaceful (look at her expression in the second picture!) but at least it's done. You can see the grown-up tooth is already a good way in. At least the tooth fairy came! The one right next to it is ready to come out too, but I have to refuel my patience before we attempt that again!

Blessing Day

Ammon was blessed this past Sunday - it was a wonderful day. Thanks to all who came and supported us! He was a really good boy - he must have known it was his special day. He is getting really big already - look how chunky he is at only six weeks old!With Mom and Dad

With Grandpa Horton

With Grandpa & Grandma Bishop