Mar 6, 2008

Tooth Fairy

These first few pics are of Holly hammin' it up at bedtime - gotta love the shower cap and belt ensemble.
Last night Holly lost her first tooth! Finally! We've been trying to get her to let us pull it for weeks! It was very traumatic for all involved and let's just say it wasn't quiet and peaceful (look at her expression in the second picture!) but at least it's done. You can see the grown-up tooth is already a good way in. At least the tooth fairy came! The one right next to it is ready to come out too, but I have to refuel my patience before we attempt that again!


  1. Man, I can't believe that new one didn't just push the old one right out. Crazy stuff!

  2. Maybe she'll be more excited for the second one. You'll have to show her the picture of Haisel's missing tooth on my blog. What a cute girl! Oh, and we're going to be in Utah the week after conference, so lets get together.

  3. Hey there! It's Janae (Mark's cousin). I saw you guys on Steph's page. I love blogs and am soo excited that you guys have one. I dont hear about what's going on with all my cousin's since we aren't in Utah and dont get to go to any of the get together. Sooo it's very exciting to be able to catch up in the blog world. You have such cute kids and congrats to your daughter on loosing her tooth!!! Hope the tooth fairy was good to her.