Oct 21, 2009

Here's what I'm doing today...

I have Relief Society cooking group at my house tonight - all about SOUP - so I'm making some of these as well trying out this new shaping technique - check it out:


Also mine are from scratch - not from a mix. It's really nice to be done with canning and to be back in the kitchen doing what I really love!

Oct 6, 2009

Preschool, Cabin, Canning, Misc.

Well ever since Disneyland I have been in the kitchen canning, freezing, dehydrating, and juicing. Literally. I don't ever remember a year where all the crops ran together like this year. Usually you get a little break between but this year has been killer. I have been working on tomatoes, pickles, peaches, pears, apples, applesauce, apple juice, pearsauce, varieties of jams & jellies, & pumpkin. Still have to do more apples, tomatoes, pears, pumpkin, and grape juice. I am so ready to be done, but at least it is rewarding to see those food storage shelves fill up again. And it's impossible for me to waste produce we grow or I am offered for free. But, I woke up sick today, and it's forced me (thankfully) to take a day off, slow down, and catch up on things out of the kitchen.
Right after Disneyland Ella started preschool. She goes to a great program and gets to go with three other kids from the ward which is fun for her and nice for carpooling! Three days a week - and I sure miss her!

Mark also spent two weekends in September at Woodbadge scout training camp. And an overnight work conference. We missed him but are glad he had a good experience, learned lots, and obviously had good eats:

The last weekend in September we headed up to the cabin for a little overnighter with some friends and Grandma Stum. The leaves were soooo pretty! The weather was beautiful, the fishing was okay, the company was fun, and the scenery was amazing. We even learned a new fun game. It was a perfect weekend. This is the only picture we got (not sure who the fuzzy photographer was) before our camera batteries died...darn!
And here is Ella performing "A too dee ta" for Great Grandma Bishop (with an abrupt ending by Joshua's rear end!):

And who can believe that it's already October 6? I haven't even put up my fall decorations yet. At least the halloween costumes are ready to go. See you in a few weeks when I take my next break from the kitchen!