Aug 26, 2009


I know it's been forever since I posted...we have been busy working hard and trying to squeeze in a little playing. Some stuff we've been up to:
A little quality daddy-daughter time:
Same happy little munchkin:
Mark is always so pressed for time and his list of yard stuff is a mile long...sometimes he even sneaks a task or two in while in his work duds!
Mark is thrilled by our first little digging of potatoes...1.5 pounds of deliciousness:
First day of school: Josh in 3rd grade and Holly in first. So hard to believe! They are loving school:

Ella and Ammon on the first day of school...glad to be able to rule the roost for a few hours!

I had a fun night a few weeks ago teaching a certain method of bread-making to my sisters & nieces:
Fun times!
We leave for DISNEYLAND in three days and we are so excited...can't wait!

Aug 5, 2009


You can see he had a nasty bruise on his shoulder (the flash washed it out A LOT) but is still smiling!
Mark and Joshua headed to Fathers & Sons Friday night...wasn't there, so can't comment much on these pics, but looks fun!

Once again I win the prize for not taking very many Saturday, when we took the kids to "kids day" at Central Utah Water Conservancy...I only got one when the girls were giving us their best version of a song from Barbie and the Diamon Castle on this little stage: or Monday, when my dad took Joshua 4-wheeling all day (which he really loved!) up American Fork Canyon (thanks Grandpa!)...

or Tuesday, when I braved the crowds for $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point and we went to the Dinosaur Museum. Not like a camera would have been feasible in those crowds...but we did have a great time...
I am wishing to get a new camera - a little one that will fit into my purse and I can take anywhere - I think I would have a lot more success that way!