Feb 28, 2008

Cute smiles

Ammon has been giving us the cutest smiles lately! I wish you could see the real thing, he is so cute! These pics where a little hard to manage because I was trying to make him smile and work the camera at the same time...but at least it's something!

Feb 19, 2008


So Mark took Joshua up to Sundance last Saturday to learn to snowboard. He was a natural! They had a great time (gotta love Josh in Mark's goggles!)

Happy Valentines Day

I know this is way late...oh well! I got a super sweet love letter from my honey - the best gift ever! I love you sweetie!

Feb 9, 2008

Sleepy time

A few precious pics of our newest member doing what he does best...even in the bath!

snow fort

Sometime last month Mark played with the kids all afternoon in the snow - they made this awesome fort and loaded it up with pirates!


Ella has been a great big sister...she is sweet and gentle with Ammon and loves to hold him and give kisses!
say cheese!

and pucker up!

Happy Birthday Holly!

Well I'm a little slow getting these loaded, but Holly turned 5 on Jan. 31!!! Hard to believe she's that big...and how much has happened in those five years! She had a fun birthday. Part of her present will be to go to the Disney on Ice show next month - it's the one that has all the princesses so I'm sure she'll love it (but it's a secret right now so don't say anything!)

Holly is always ready to hold Ammon...she's a good helper when Mommy needs a minute to do something