Feb 18, 2009

A great Valentines!

We had a really fun weekend! Our friend's Paul & Tiffany and their girls Addie & Sydney came down from Logan and stayed with us.

We all went to the Draper Temple open house Friday night. It was beautiful, and the best part was walking through with my kids & seeing it through their eyes. My girls especially liked the Brides' Dressing Room, of course! Josh & Ammon were mesmerized by the beautiful chandeliers. Then we came home and put all the kids to bed so the adults could stay up late, eat yummy valentine treats, and play games. I forgot to take a picture (this photo came with the recipe), but I made this chocolate fruit tart. Mine actually had strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and kiwi. It was so pretty and tasted amazing (if I do say so myself)!Mark & Paul really spoiled Tiff and me on Saturday! They made us a delicious breakfast of crepes & pumpkin waffles, then sent us off to get massages (aaaaahhhhhhh!)I came home to a beautiful boquet of long-stem red roses & pink carnations from Mark (my favorite!) Wow! Then they swept us off to lunch at the Olive Garden...YUM-O! I had this shrimp dish that was to die for...along with a super sour & delicious Margarita. Mmmmm!
Thank you Mark for a wonderful day! I felt incredibly pampered and very loved. I love you!
This is Ammon Saturday night. I put a chair in front of my PC so he would stop pushing buttons...he is frustrated and still trying to get to it! I love his expression in this photo :)
And last but not least, I saw a beautiful, huge male pheasant almost exactly like this in my backyard this morning! We have a bird feeder out there and he must have been picking at the seeds that fell on the ground. I was able to get within about 3 feet of him. I made eye contact but as soon as I lifted my camera he flew off! What a treat!

Feb 3, 2009

Why my legs hurt!

So I've been back to ballet class for about four months now...feeling pretty confident and some-what in shape...and then I had to go and do this to myself! I did this 50-minute workout for the first time this morning and WOW...it was awesome! I am already getting sore, which makes me really nervous for how I will feel when I wake up tomorrow! I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a little ballet experience...but get ready to have your lower body worked over! btw this is on sale at Amazon for only $6.99 right now

Feb 2, 2009

You've had a birthday...shout Hooray!

Happy Birthday Holly! She turned 6 Saturday and we had a fun day full of celebrations. She opened presents bright and early, we had friends over for a "Little Mermaid" party, we had a date with Grandpa to Build-a-Bear (where was my camera for that?), and then a pizza party with grandparents that evening. Whew!

Some sparkly new Hannah Montana shoes...

I love her reaction in this picture...isn't this what birthdays are all about? She got Sharpay in her pink Mustang :)

Here's the party group eating lunch; we had "shells" and cheese, ocean jello, fishy crackers, and shark teeth (apple bites)...I didn't get other pictures from the party because it's hard to be hostess and be behind the camera at the same time :( We colored pictures, painted our faces with green sparkly makeup like mermaids, did the limbo, had a fishy relay, made mermaid glitter gel (aloe vera with sparkles mixed in), pin the starfish in Ariel's hair, and of course cupcakes and ice cream.

I love you Holly!