Feb 2, 2009

You've had a birthday...shout Hooray!

Happy Birthday Holly! She turned 6 Saturday and we had a fun day full of celebrations. She opened presents bright and early, we had friends over for a "Little Mermaid" party, we had a date with Grandpa to Build-a-Bear (where was my camera for that?), and then a pizza party with grandparents that evening. Whew!

Some sparkly new Hannah Montana shoes...

I love her reaction in this picture...isn't this what birthdays are all about? She got Sharpay in her pink Mustang :)

Here's the party group eating lunch; we had "shells" and cheese, ocean jello, fishy crackers, and shark teeth (apple bites)...I didn't get other pictures from the party because it's hard to be hostess and be behind the camera at the same time :( We colored pictures, painted our faces with green sparkly makeup like mermaids, did the limbo, had a fishy relay, made mermaid glitter gel (aloe vera with sparkles mixed in), pin the starfish in Ariel's hair, and of course cupcakes and ice cream.

I love you Holly!


  1. Man, Em... she looks more and more like you every year! I used to think she looked just like Mark, but now I totally see you- minus the dark hair!

  2. I can't believe she is six! We told Addie it was Holly's birthday and she hasn't stopped talking about it. So Addie says Happy Birthday to Holly!