Jan 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Man

Hard to believe this sweet little guy is already two! He is such a fun kid and brings our family so much joy. He is talking up a storm these days and can effectively communicate everything he wants - hopefully this will help avoid any tantrums that sometimes come with this age! He loves trains, trucks, cars, etc. (anything with wheels) and also loves Mickey Mouse, Tigger and Pooh, and basically anything "Playhouse Disney." He loves to read stories, sing songs, and play with his brother and sisters. He is especially a Daddy's boy and every time I am on the phone, regardless of who I am talking to, he follows me around and says "Talk to Daddy!" Mark never fails to get a thrilling "welcome home" from work with Ammon yelling "Daddy's Home!" running to the door, and smothering him with hugs and kisses. We love you Ammon - Happy Birthday!
Blowing out the candles (or at least thinking about it)
Josh started prepping Ammon for his presents a few days before his birthday. I thought it would be in vain, but one of the first things Ammon said when he woke up in the morning was "open presents?" He got the hang of it no problem!Enjoying a musical tractor from Grandpa H
Enjoying a musical card from Grandma & Grandpa B
A train puzzle that makes a choo choo sound when it is done. He figured out how to do this puzzle so fast!
Excited about a new Richard Scarry book
Poor little Ella was sick all weekend. Even though she had a high fever, my ever-selfless sweetie managed to color a train for Ammon, which of course he loved.

I love how excited the kids are for him
His Super Sleuth Cake!

Jan 12, 2010

Ultrasound Successful!

Thanks to Steph, my awesome sister-in-law who has some sweet connections, I was able to get an early ultrasound today! So fun to see my baby 5 weeks earlier than scheduled! AND the funnest news of all is that we found out the gender! Check out these pics!

These are the little legs, kinda crossed...cute!

Cute little hands up by the face
Another cute little hand waving at us
And the best one of all...seems pretty certain, huh? Sorry kid, no privacy!
We are so excited to welcome another baby boy! How perfect for Ammon to have a little buddy. He can already say "little buddy" and it is so cute. They will be 2.5 years apart...just about right to be best friends and wrestling partners. The baby looks healthy and seems to be doing really well - this wasn't a complete diagnostic ultrasound (I'll still have that at 20 weeks) but it's always a relief to see a healthy heart, two arms, two legs, etc. Now on to picking a name!

Jan 5, 2010

The Rest of December...

The kids in their Christmas Jammies from Grandma & Grandpa B
We hosted Mark's family for Christmas Eve...after a yummy dinner we played some fun games
Mark and I had an awesome get-away weekend in Park City for our 10th Anniversay. Thanks to Kris and Amy for taking such good care of our kiddos! This is a HUGE snowman that was at the city park...wow!
Holly sitting on Santa's lap after her dance performance
Strike a Pose!
Ella was so happy to perform in her preschool program
And to sit on Santa's lap!
Holly cheesin' it up in her school's Christmas program
Mark and Ammon enjoying a little bonding time outside
Decorating Christmas sugar cookies
Christmas Day...a favorite new book for Mark
Ammon enjoying his new tractor
Holly in her new cheer gear
Ella in her new princess pretties
Reading "The Monster at the End of this Book" - one of my favorites from when I was young
Ella, our ever generous sweetheart, game Mommy her Ariel princess, her ballerina baby, and some awesome glasses! She had them all wrapped up and under the tree for a few weeks before Christmas. She's a keeper!
Josh reading the letter Santa left him; complimenting him on his good deeds over the past year
We also hosted a New Year's Eve party & had a great time eating, talking, & playing games with several families from our neighborhood. Sorry no pics...but the 1:30 a.m. bedtime sure wiped me out the next day! Happy 2010!