Jan 5, 2010

The Rest of December...

The kids in their Christmas Jammies from Grandma & Grandpa B
We hosted Mark's family for Christmas Eve...after a yummy dinner we played some fun games
Mark and I had an awesome get-away weekend in Park City for our 10th Anniversay. Thanks to Kris and Amy for taking such good care of our kiddos! This is a HUGE snowman that was at the city park...wow!
Holly sitting on Santa's lap after her dance performance
Strike a Pose!
Ella was so happy to perform in her preschool program
And to sit on Santa's lap!
Holly cheesin' it up in her school's Christmas program
Mark and Ammon enjoying a little bonding time outside
Decorating Christmas sugar cookies
Christmas Day...a favorite new book for Mark
Ammon enjoying his new tractor
Holly in her new cheer gear
Ella in her new princess pretties
Reading "The Monster at the End of this Book" - one of my favorites from when I was young
Ella, our ever generous sweetheart, game Mommy her Ariel princess, her ballerina baby, and some awesome glasses! She had them all wrapped up and under the tree for a few weeks before Christmas. She's a keeper!
Josh reading the letter Santa left him; complimenting him on his good deeds over the past year
We also hosted a New Year's Eve party & had a great time eating, talking, & playing games with several families from our neighborhood. Sorry no pics...but the 1:30 a.m. bedtime sure wiped me out the next day! Happy 2010!

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  1. Cute, cute pictures!!! I love the gifts from Ella. Sorry by the way if I've spelled her name with one L lately. A girl I work with is Ela. Anyway, I also love the wedding pic at the top of the blog. SO cute! Most people look so skinny in their wedding pictures but you guys have stayed so trim and young looking, it's hard to believe that was 10 years ago. Hope the pregnancy is going well and that you're getting your energy back! See you soon.