Feb 22, 2010

And his name is....

Oops I forgot I promised an update on our little one's name! Drumroll please...............
he is now officially known as:


We all love it! Joseph is Mark's middle name...Bryce doesn't really come from anyone or anything - it was just what seemed to strike us as being the "one." If he wants, when he's old enough to care, he could go by his initials "B.J." I think it's really cute.
Anyway, I also humbled myself enough to step in front of the camera for a hump day picture. Nice pun, huh? I hate cameras when I'm pregnant - I don't really want to save my fat face for posterity's sake...so this may be the only one! This was at 20 weeks and 3 days...a little more than half way. Hopefully even more than that if he'll cooperate and come at the end of June like I'm hoping (I'm due July 7).
My body has been reminding me already that this is baby #5 and it's getting worn out. As soon as the yucks of the first trimester were over, I got the new companionship of round ligament pains and sciatica...neither of which I can do anything about. These next four months could be LONG.

I did have fun this morning sorting through some borrowed maternity clothes (thanks tons Jess!). I'm really glad I won't have to go out and buy new stuff (since this is my first summer-time baby) because really, who wants to buy new clothes that you'll wear for a few months and then never again? (Yes, this is the last baby for us!) I'm just too frugal for that. Gotta love sharing the goods!

On a side note, Ammon has been very grumpy today after a busy weekend with no naps. He must have heard me tell one of the other kids that this morning, because just now when I told him it was his nap time he immediately said, "He's grumpy today!" It always surprises me how much these little one's pick up on! Now it's time for me to get something done while he sleeps!

Feb 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Sis

Happy 7th birthday to my sweet Holly. I was really sick with the stomach flu the week of her birthday, so thank goodness I had the shopping all done already & thank goodness for Maceys bakery for a b-day cake. It was the first time ever that I have bought a cake...and I was pretty mortified that I couldn't do something special for her special day...but she was very understanding (a strength of hers). She went to get a "real" haircut for her birthday (since Mom usually does it) and I think she looks so cute and grown up. Grandpa's birthday is the day before hers so we sang to them both together at the family party. I think it's safe to say that the #1 gift was a Jonas Brothers mp3 player...I think I have a tween in the making :) Yet I'm still so happy to see her in dress-ups and playing with dolls too - such a fun age! Josh and Ella were also very considerate - wrapping up some of their own things to give to her. Happy Birthday Holly we love you!

Feb 9, 2010

2nd Ultrasound

I had my second ultrasound today (first diagnostic) and am happy to report that we are still having a BOY, and everything looks great! I always anticipate ultrasounds with a nervous excitement...always a little worried that they might find something wrong. It's such a relief to see all organs, systems, and extremities as they should be. He looks perfect!
Top: his four chambered heart. Bottom: still a boy!
Top & Bottom: cute little feet
Top: the cutest little leg I've ever seen! Bottom: hand

Top: arm. Bottom: face. They still look like aliens at this point but I just know he's going to be cute!
The unexpected news of the day was that I've lost 4 lbs since my last appointment. I attribute this to the lovely stomach flu I had a few weeks ago - but I was still surprised. Does that give me the liberty to eat whatever I want now??!!
Also...our name poll has been removed because Josh informed us that he really doesn't like the name Spencer since there's a Spencer at school who is mean (can't blame him there). We have also found a name we like better than Brigham (which was the second choice) so although we appreciate the votes they have all been repealed and our little guy's name will soon be announced after it is discussed at the dinner table this evening and we have the go-ahead from all the kids :)

Feb 8, 2010

Tooting my own horn

So I know a lot of ladies out there do couponing, and with their practice and expertise practically get paid to grocery shop. So although I am still learning how to manage the whole process, today was my second time coupon shopping and I feel the need to "toot my own horn" a bit because I felt it was a success. Here is a picture of some things I got:
Items: 3 Propel fitness water, 3 Crest ProHealth mouth rinse, 3 Softsoap, 3 Colgate Total, 3 boxes Nature Valley granola bars, 1 Goldfish crackers
# of (name brand) items: 16
Total Retail value of items: $52.18
Total price I paid: $13.85
So yeah, I think this is going to be totally worth the effort. Toot Toot!

Feb 3, 2010

We're Binky Free! (for a while)

So two weeks ago, I decided it was way past time to get rid of Ammon's binkies. I've never let my kids have them past 18 months before...so I was six months overdue. I was out of excuses: the holidays were over and my "morning" (all-day) pregnancy sickness was gone. I had to face it. It was easy to get rid of binkies with my girls...they just kinda "disappeared" one day and it wasn't even an issue. Easy. But that's how my girls are - very agreeable. Josh never took a binky (that's a whole different post) but with Ammon being six months older, he was also six months more attached, and I was nervous.

So naptime came, and when Ammon asked for his binky and we looked at the shelf where they normally go, and they were "gone" I said, "Binkies all gone - no more binkies," and I handed him his blanket. I left the room, he cried, and I knew I was in for it. And then...miraculously...after five minutes the crying stopped. And the child slept. And the mom rejoiced!

That night was even better. No crying. Not even a wimper. Just a peaceful bedtime. Was this for real? I thought so and patted myself on the back for having such amazing kids - the binkies went in the garbage (to avoid temptation) and for several days we forgot about it.

It didn't last. He has now been taking shorter naps, and struggling with going to sleep here and there, but we are slowly making the transition. Today felt like magic when he went down for his nap immediately - no fussing - and slept 2.5 hours. I'm glad the binkies were in the garbage - there have been days where I would have used them - but I am proud of the little guy and at least there haven't been any tantrums. Actually I don't know if Ammon even knows how to throw a tantrum - he is such a sweet little guy.

I have learned my lesson though - the binky is only welcome in our home for 18 months or less...I just hope Ammon doesn't freak out when little brother arrives along with new binkies. And looking forward? The next major transition will be from crib to bed...and then potty training...oh dear! Here's to the daily grind of motherhood!

Feb 1, 2010


We have a little poll on our blog (top right side) for naming our baby - please vote!

So yesterday morning, Ammon woke up at 6:30 a.m. (which is NOT my idea of a nice start to a day of REST). I had the stomach flu over the weekend, and was still recovering (another gift from Ammon) and so I ended up bringing him back into bed with me hoping for a few more horizontal minutes. He is usually pretty good at cuddling. We were in there a few minutes, I was keeping my eyes closed so he knew I wasn't really awake, and then I felt his warm breath on my face and heard his low husky, two-year-old whisper say "something to eat." It was all I could do to keep a straight face. I pretended not to hear. For the next two minutes he continued to whisper (to his credit he wasn't yelling) "something to eat." And the finally he added, "get in chair, something to eat." I couldn't contain myself any longer and started giggling & got up to get the poor kid some breakfast. Although I was tempted to be grumpy for being wakened so early, I couldn't help but hug and squeeze my sweet little guy and enjoy a quiet morning with him.
This morning I went out grocery shopping. Not a big deal I know, but it was an adventure for me because I have decided to start trying one of those couponing programs. I've been to a few classes, and after monitoring the deals and seeing if there were offers we would actually use, I decided to give it a go. So every Sunday now I'll get three papers and start clipping, organizing, and planning. So today I successfully shopped at three stores all within one hour, and saved a good amount of money. Ammon was amazing. I don't think it will be normal to go to three stores a week, but since they are all within 5 minutes of my house it wasn't a big deal. I am excited - I hope I can get it all figured out and be successful at it - if anyone has any tips to making it work (especially with kids in tow) please let me know!

Watch for another post soon about Holly's birthday...she turned 7 yesterday!!