Feb 1, 2010


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So yesterday morning, Ammon woke up at 6:30 a.m. (which is NOT my idea of a nice start to a day of REST). I had the stomach flu over the weekend, and was still recovering (another gift from Ammon) and so I ended up bringing him back into bed with me hoping for a few more horizontal minutes. He is usually pretty good at cuddling. We were in there a few minutes, I was keeping my eyes closed so he knew I wasn't really awake, and then I felt his warm breath on my face and heard his low husky, two-year-old whisper say "something to eat." It was all I could do to keep a straight face. I pretended not to hear. For the next two minutes he continued to whisper (to his credit he wasn't yelling) "something to eat." And the finally he added, "get in chair, something to eat." I couldn't contain myself any longer and started giggling & got up to get the poor kid some breakfast. Although I was tempted to be grumpy for being wakened so early, I couldn't help but hug and squeeze my sweet little guy and enjoy a quiet morning with him.
This morning I went out grocery shopping. Not a big deal I know, but it was an adventure for me because I have decided to start trying one of those couponing programs. I've been to a few classes, and after monitoring the deals and seeing if there were offers we would actually use, I decided to give it a go. So every Sunday now I'll get three papers and start clipping, organizing, and planning. So today I successfully shopped at three stores all within one hour, and saved a good amount of money. Ammon was amazing. I don't think it will be normal to go to three stores a week, but since they are all within 5 minutes of my house it wasn't a big deal. I am excited - I hope I can get it all figured out and be successful at it - if anyone has any tips to making it work (especially with kids in tow) please let me know!

Watch for another post soon about Holly's birthday...she turned 7 yesterday!!


  1. Holly turned SEVEN? Wow! I did think about her yesterday, I should have called. I guess if I really sat down and thought about it I would have thought yeah, she's 6, she's probably turning 7. But that seems so old! Kristen said her hair is really cute. Can't wait to see pics!!

  2. Pinchingyourpennies.com is helpful.
    Sign up for all the coupons you can get from Huggies and pampers, etc. I get several e-coupons too. For example, I LOVE mountain high yogurt, I get a 50 cent coupon each month from them. Most stores accept home printed coupons now.