Dec 19, 2008

The Best Snow on Earth

Mark and Josh went on their annual Warren Miller snowboarding day this week...Josh loved it and did great - they had beautiful fresh powder...Awesome!

The big 32

Another birthday has come and gone in this whirlwind week! There are pros and cons to having a birthday on a Sunday...pros are that I was with my family for a lot of the day. Cons are I had my normal Sunday responsibilities and I would have preferred a break! Oh well, it was a great day, & thank you for all the birthday wishes! Oh and Mark did spoil me...he stayed home from his meetings & woke me up to a breakfast of pumpkin waffles, and made me this delicious blueberry cheesecake - YUM!

My little dancers

So my girls had their Christmas dance show last Saturday...and they did so great! Although we had to battle the blizzards to get there, they looked adorable and sure had fun being on stage!

Holly's class did a tap dance to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and she lit up the stage - we were sitting way far away so the pics are a little fuzzy:
She's definitely not shy!

Ella's costume was a little angel and she did a ballet dance to a song about being an angel until after Santa comes and then being a little devil was really cute! She's the second from the left in these first two pics:

Christmas Cookie Exchange

I hosted a Christmas Cookie Exchange with my sisters & nieces last weekend...I didn't get too many pictures because I was busy hostessing but we had a really fun time with the girls & got to eat lots of yummy food & cookies...what more could you ask for? This might have to be a new tradition...
Thanks Lisa too for helping pull it off!

Dec 10, 2008

The past few weeks...

Warning...this is a huge post! We have been so busy the past few weeks. We had a great Thanksgiving (no pics, sorry) and then we headed up to Midway for a week of quality family time. It was really fun to go swimming, play games, go on adventures, watch movies, lots of crafts, and have NO COMPUTER for a whole week. Here are lots of pictures...enjoy!

We hiked around to lots of hot pots in the area

Mark enjoying a little R&R
We worked on gingerbread houses while we were is Mark & Em's unfinished colonioal house

This is Joshua's

Holly's and Ella's

My Dad came up for a few days and he definitely enjoyed some R&R!!!

Ammon enjoying some popcorn

Is there any more?

We hit the lanes in Heber...I had three strikes on my 10th frame!

Ella with a little help from the ramp

Josh learning the pro form
Holly had beginners luck and really did great!

Can't forget the yummy snacks!

Ella's very first bowling experience

What is Josh about to do? He looks naughty...

Warming up by the fire

The kids were very proud of their little villages

Counting down the days until Christmas!

Our friends the Kunics came up for the day...we did a few geocaches

We topped off a great week by heading up into the mountains to cut down our own Christmas was a perfect day with fresh snow & sunshine.Ammon even joined in on the fun

Mark and Josh in front of our tree

About to haul it home...
We were so proud that we picked the perfect size tree for our house...on the first cut!

Great Deal!

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Nov 26, 2008

What I did Today!

And I still have to make 6 dozen rolls in the morning! Whew! Peach Pie

Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Cranberry Pear Pie

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Nov 24, 2008

Cute Kids

Doesn't every kid have to have a picture like this? I know I do!
It's a classic in jammies with some sweet boots!

Ammon & his little friend Will hanging out...they are only 7 days apart!


Well we finally got around to painting the kitchen! We thought it wouldn't be such a big project until we started taping everything you know how fun it is to tape off crown moulding & cabinets? Anyway, we still managed to do it in one day! We still need to do the tile backsplash, but even just adding some color on the walls changes the whole mood and I love it!