Aug 25, 2010

Some smiles

Our little guy has really sweet smiles - here he is learning to smile, in order approximately 6, 7, and 8 weeks old. All of these I did alone - I'm sure we could capture even better smiles with someone helping me man the camera!

Good think he's a cutie - payback for all those times I get up with him at night :)

Aug 19, 2010

A funny

Ammon's latest gem: When wearing his brother's watch yesterday, Ammon said
"It's hurting the neck of my arm. I can't wear it any more; it's hurting the neck of my arm."
A two-year-old's description of the watch hurting his WRIST. So cute!

Aug 3, 2010

The past few weeks...

We had a wonderful family reunion in Bear Lake with the Stum family. Preparing for the trip was a beast - it took me DAYS to get laundry, grocery shopping, and packing done. Nursing every 2 hours will do that to you. We looked like we were heading out of town for a month with gear & food for 7 people - the van packed tight, a cartop carrier, and our trailer. Crazy! We camped (in cabins, thank goodness) at the KOA and spent a good amount of time at the beach. Lots of yummy meals, fun activities, and visiting. I was really nervous about taking Bryce, being only one month old, but we managed ok and although I didn't participate in as much as I would have liked, I don't regret going. It was great to see everyone and especially wonderful to get out of the house and have a change of scenery. The kids had an absolutely great time with all their "new" cousins! They wish we could to it every year!

Josh...mud...water...have at it!



Ammon fell asleep watching the horseshoe tournament. Must not be his sport of choice. He slept forever - it was awesome.
Ammon loved having his dump truck to play with in the sand

no words...just adorable!
Mark and the kids rafting
Ammon and Ella konked out after playing hard at the beach
Uncle Karl helped the kids make a way fun sand castle
Marci (in the background) and I were debating whether it was harder to be at the reunion with a newborn (me) or very pregnant (her). I still think it's debatable. I was way tired, caring for a rather unpredictable baby, and couldn't get in the water, but I'm positive she was more uncomfortable!
Mark, Em, baby Bryce (4 weeks old)
Bryce sleeping - August 1. I LOVE how he's holding his hands
His cord FINALLY came off when he was three weeks old so he was no longer banned from the tub. Here is his first real bath - he loved it! Even got a little finger sucking time.
Watch that finger, Bryce!
Sleeping peacefully at the beach - 4 weeks old - July 30, 2010