Jan 12, 2010

Ultrasound Successful!

Thanks to Steph, my awesome sister-in-law who has some sweet connections, I was able to get an early ultrasound today! So fun to see my baby 5 weeks earlier than scheduled! AND the funnest news of all is that we found out the gender! Check out these pics!

These are the little legs, kinda crossed...cute!

Cute little hands up by the face
Another cute little hand waving at us
And the best one of all...seems pretty certain, huh? Sorry kid, no privacy!
We are so excited to welcome another baby boy! How perfect for Ammon to have a little buddy. He can already say "little buddy" and it is so cute. They will be 2.5 years apart...just about right to be best friends and wrestling partners. The baby looks healthy and seems to be doing really well - this wasn't a complete diagnostic ultrasound (I'll still have that at 20 weeks) but it's always a relief to see a healthy heart, two arms, two legs, etc. Now on to picking a name!


  1. So fun! I am totally jealous! I thought I was pretty lucky having my ultrasound this weekend at 19 weeks. :) And congratulations on another little boy! He and Ammon really will be best buds.

  2. How fun to get an ultrasound so early! Congrats!