Jan 23, 2009

Some Classics

I've been reviewing some pictures (from my pre-blogging days) & decided a few of these are just too good not to share. In no particular order...Enjoy!
I must say I couldn't really find any particularly funny or embarrasing pictures of Ella, but I am proud to show that she learned at a very early age all about being a princess!
This was at a family reunion...Josh wore the hat & glasses the entire time!
Is it just me or wouldn't the other end be more enjoyable?

I could think of more comfortable places to sleep...

This is an all-time favorite candid shot of Holly up at the cabin

This is also a favorite - & probably future blackmail material!!

This is in Nauvoo...you can't really tell but Josh and I are literally in between the oxen heads and he was going berzerk!
A favorite from when Holly was just a few months old - she was always blowing raspberries

Josh has always been a little OCD...here is what he HAD to sleep with for his nap. A wagon? With Josh, you definitely learn to pick your battles!

No explanation needed! Doesn't every little boy have some kind of picture like this in cowboy boots?

Josh got himself stuck in a bucket. Of course instead of helping him right away I grabbed the camera.
Hope these brightened your day!


  1. Loved em! Some of them I had seen but there were some new ones too. New to me, anyway. And it did brighten my day. Well, my night actually. :)

  2. Those were fun to look at, Ella has got some crazy blue eyes. Don't you love looking back through pictures.