Jan 4, 2009

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is so much fun with little ones...we were amazed everyone slept in until 7:30! We sure enjoyed a wonderful day!

Ammon got this great ball blowing toy...you can tell at first he wasn't too sure what to think, but he quickly decided it was lots of fun!Santa left wigs, gloves and wings for the girls to play dress-ups with...
they were both excited to get all glammed up.
Josh got a fun set of building cards...his first project was a pirate ship of course

I totally pirated these pictures from Steph...we had a really nice Christmas Eve with Mark's family; "A Night in Bethlehem." We all dressed up, had a wonderful "period" meal, a candlelight nativity, caroling with an accordian, and family togetherness...Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Bishop for a fun and meaningful evening!

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  1. What a great tradition. I love the idea of a period meal. Your kids must have been up pretty early on Christmas morning, it's still dark outside!