Jul 10, 2009

Lots & lots

We started off last Thursday with a trip to the cabin with our friends the Johnsons, my dad, and Grandma Stum. Even though it was a quick trip we had a great time and were blessed with beautiful weather & great compay.

Holly and Alora at the lake
Visiting on the porch

Ammon loved exploring

Ella at the lake
Ammon's shirt says "muscle man" but maybe it should say "pot belly"!
Ella, Hailey, Alora, Holly, & Chase
On the Fourth of July...we really had a great day but I neglected to bring my camera. We went to the parade in Provo with my family (nearly 40 of us!), then went to Seven Peaks with my family too. So fun! It was the first time there for my kids so it was really great and weather was awesome and crowds weren't even too bad. We came home and Holly and Mark washed the car (Holly was an amazing helper) and then we headed to a neighborhood BBQ & fireworks. A fun & exhausting day.
The next day we left for a Horton family reunion up in Midway. This is with my Dad, all my siblings, & everyone's families (around 45+ of us). We had a wonderful time & my brother Paul & family even came down from Oregon so we had a great group there.
We enjoyed lots of visiting time & lots of keeping up with the kiddos!
Coloring on transparencies
Little cousins enjoying snow cones together. My niece Malia has a snow cone maker she brought and all the kids thought that was really fun.
Malia, Matthew, Joshua, and Erin making rockets for the launcher
Addie (my niece's daughter...who my girls love to play with) immediately shoved this sandwich in her mouth as soon as I requested a smile Ammon and Eliza had fun eating together - although Ammon usually got a little miffed when Eliza would steal his food!
My brother Andy with his rocket launcher...this has become a fun tradition at our summer gatherings.This is the backyard & view at the property where we stayed - gorgeous huh? Mark is standing out in the garden to retrieve the rockets all the kids were launching.
Holly enjoying some play-doh time

As part of our "Horton Hoedown" we had a corn-husking contest. This is my brother Paul, my dad, brother Andy, and hubby Mark. Andy won but he cheated!

Concentrating hard...

Maybe you can tell in this picture that the guys started throwing the husks on the crowd, so we started throwing them right back!

Ella whacking the pinata at the family reunion



Today...Ammon's first real haircut...he's had a trim before, but this was the first time I pulled out the clippers and did everything. It was tricky because his hair is so fine, but he was such a good boy!

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