Jul 21, 2009

Keeping Busy!

Last week Mark was with the scouts hiking Kings Peak for 5 days...so the kids and I planned lots of activities to stay entertained:
We went to the library for the summer reading program...Had a picnic and playtime at Discovery Park...Went to the movies (Monsters vs. Aliens)...Visited the Walter Wick (I SPY...Do You See What I See?) exhibit at BYU (highly recommend!)ate snacks at Hogi Yogi...enjoyed a cousin play day & sleepover...
hit the PG Promenade...
I stayed up until midnight working on this puzzle with my dad...we played in the kiddie pool,
and a grand finale at the I Heart UT festival No, we didn't get to waterski (I WISH!!!)
What a fun week! I had so much fun spending quality time with my kids, and staying busy really helped the time pass. We sure missed Daddy and we were so glad when he returned to us safe and sound. Now back to the good old routine...for a few days at least :)

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