Jul 28, 2009

My Poor Baby

Poor Ammon!
We were swimming with Mark's family at the Lindon pool Saturday...having a great time...when Josh picked up Ammon to relocate to a different part of the pool. They were in the shallow part, and another little toddler stepped right in front of Josh (he didn't see her) and he tripped, falling and landing right on Ammon, who was pinned to a platform. At first I thought Ammon just bumped his head hard. But when the crying didn't stop, and I started to notice he wasn't using his arm, I got worried. It wasn't until we took off his swim shirt that we noticed a definite bulge on his shoulder and knew he needed care. The men gave him a blessing and Ammon and I headed off to instacare. Long story short (after a heart-breaking x-ray session) we found out he broke his collar bone! I feel so bad! With the collar bone you don't set it, or even cast it, but we are doing our best to immobilize it. Since Ammon is quite young still he has the advantage of healing quickly - in about 3 weeks he should be feeling pretty good. I think this is a lot harder on me than on him. He seems to be in good spirits and not in too much pain (a result of the blessing & lots of prayers I'm certain). I, on the other hand, and a nervous wreck - hovering over him making sure he doesn't get bumped, or stumble, or fall the wrong way, roll over in bed the wrong way, or even play the wrong way. If I had it my way he would sit on my lap all day or at least in his high chair out of harm's way, but alas he is 18 months old and the advice to "keep still" was never so ironic. You can see in the pictures he's carrying on as normal, bless his heart! Good thing it's summer and he can run around in diapers!
It's his left side, and since he's left-handed he seems a little frustrated, but is adapting well. At least he's happy for a little while to munch on snacks & watch baby einstein. He's been drinking a ton of milk - his body must know he needs some extra calcium - isn't the human body amazing? Since the bones are overlapping about 1/2 cm, they will fuse together, new bone will grow, there will be a bulge for a while, and eventually the body will correct the bulge. In about 3 months if we took another x-ray, both shoulders would look the same. What a miracle!

don't mind the apron...he won't keep a bib on and I do what I can to keep his bandage clean!


  1. I agree, it is a miracle that it can heal that fast! Hopefully your Disneyland trip isn't affected at all by this.

  2. You probably remember that we had two broken bones earlier this year, and learned firsthand the miracle of fusing bones, new bone bumps, and how resilient kids are. I have to admit that while Reyn's broken arm was heartbreaking, it was much more difficult being with Ayzha when they reset her arm! I will never forget that feeling- I would have traded places with her any day! Poor little Ammon! From the pictures he seems in good spirits! Hang in there.

  3. I am so sorry that happened to you! What a crazy accident. I guess that is why they call them accidents. Hopefully this will be a distant memory soon!

  4. Oh poor little guy. Ya know, He is so easy going that if it was going to happen to anyone, Ammon would be the one to deal with it the best. What a stud.

  5. Stressful.....especially right before Susan and Lowell left. It turned out nicely on Sunday though :)

  6. Ouch! How lucky it wasn't worse. Thanks for sharing. And what a joyful patient you have on your hands. He smiles right through it all. That helps.

    Sorry we couldn't be there for all the farewell experiences. Looking forward to seeing you all sometime maybe this fall...or winter.