Jun 26, 2009

Brownie Points for Mark!

Mark suprised me with the most awesome date last night...he made arrangements for the kids & told me he had tickets for a surprise. I knew he got the tickets from work, so at first I expected to be going to something at the tabernacle or conference center. But we actually headed to the Usana Ampitheater (which I've never been to before). There weren't signs anywhere to clue me into who we were seeing. We took our seats, and I could see by the stage set up that it was a musician (not a singer) so I was very excited and very intruiged. Mark only gave me one clue - that this person was in the top twenty most popular touring artists in the world. Wow! Finally the show started and I was thrilled to get to see Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra. It was amazing - the music was incredible, the guest singers (opera) were sooooo good, he kept the show fun & lively & interactive, and even the women were all in these amazing ball gowns. It was so good and such a great surprise - thank you Mark for the awesome date! Here's a sample...

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