Oct 25, 2007

Dance Class

Holly finished up her little community ed dance class today with a cute performance for the moms. I don't know which is more fun...the dancing or the dressing up?

As you can see she was a good head taller than the other girls in her class. Where did the tall genes come from? I guess from my mom and Mark's mom. She learned a dance to the song "I don't care if I never go to bed" which I danced to when I was that age!

It is hard to get Ella to wear regular clothes these days - she lives in her little leotard and skirt (and usually ballet shoes too). She is excited for when she turns three and can do her own dance class. Until then, the living room "ballroom" will have to do!


  1. Okay, Ella is adorable! Brandon said the same thing after we left your house the other night. :)

  2. How fun! I love going to little girls dance recitals! You will have to let me know when Holly does another one, we would love to come!