Jun 17, 2010

Baby Update

I had my latest doctor appointment Tuesday. Some mix up in the office paperwork led to a two hour visit, mostly waiting time (half dressed), totally ridiculous! I was starving and had to "go" so bad by the end I was miserable! Anyway, there's been some progress since last week, so that's always good to hear. I’m dilated to 1.5 cm , 60% effaced, with my cervix having moved anterior (which is where we want it to be), and the baby’s position is -3 (needs to drop down to a +2 to start pushing). All these things have a point value, and my total was 6. He said 6 is probably enough to start induction if necessary, but he would like to see me get to a total of 8 or 9, which shouldn’t be a problem at all since I still have ~2 weeks. We won’t know until that day (June 30) what time I’m supposed to go into the hospital unless I’m first on the list for 7 a.m., for which they’ll call me the night before. Otherwise I’ll have one hour's notice. I would love it if I just happened to go into labor on my own, say, the night of the 29th! Sorry, no tummy pics, I'm way too insecure at this point to step in front of the camera! Although at the park the other day some lady goes, "Wow, your belly is really low!" Yeah, thanks, I had no idea...

btw I've posted several things today so don't forget to scroll down!

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  1. Does the lack of a new post mean you've had your baby? Hope you are feeling well!