Jun 22, 2010

Any time now...

Just got back from the doctor and the good news is I've made good progress since last week. For those of you that like the details: I'm now dilated to a full 2, 70% effaced, "soft", and anterior, which gives me 9 points and means I'm "ripe" enough to deliver any time. The doctor seemed to think there's a good chance I won't make it until the 30th - especially considering this is baby #5.

During our visit he was telling me about another patient at the hospital today who had been pushing for two hours and the baby's head was just barely starting to show. Miserable. I'm lucky my deliveries have always gone quick - three or four pushes and that's it. Hopefully this little guy cooperates too. Now I'm getting nervous to think it could be any time now and also pretty excited! Sometimes I've been so focused on the pregnancy part I forget that when it ends I'm going to have a baby! I know that doesn't really make sense but who can make sense of a pregnant woman's brain anyway!

I got his little bassinet set up yesterday in our room, and got my bag packed for the hospital. I've been doing laundry today and will hopefully do a grocery trip tonight - the only thing left to do is put the carseat in the car so I guess we are pretty much ready! Hopefully the next post will be about our newest family member...sooner than later!


  1. hey, i think that patient they were talking about (pushing 2 hours and head barely showing) was me! not fun.
    glad you have easy deliveries. pregnancy is the worst part anyway so you're downhill from here! good luck! can't wait to meet the little guy.

  2. Oh Emily, don't plan on anything earlier than next Wednesday! I hate it when doctors say stuff like that. Even if it comes true, I don't think they should get people's hopes up. I mean, if we get to meet Bryce before next Wednesday, awesome. But plan on Wednesday so you won't be disappointed!

    The pool we were swimming at is Willowbrook apartments, my friend Lisa lives there and invited us to a pool party/bbq. It was so fun.

  3. Looking forward to meeting Bryce. Hope all goes well. Be glad to help as much as I can, even though my time is limited. Love you. Marian

  4. June 30th is a good day, it's Haisel and Taylor's birthday too. I hope that baby comes on his own too. Oh, and I'm pregnant again! Due in December. Can't wait to see the baby!