Apr 13, 2009


Wow! I had a party at my house five of seven days last week! Along with all my normal responsibilities & other Easter festivities this has been one of my craziest and busiest weeks ever! We had Ella's birthday dinner with grandparents...one day later was a family party although not at my house it still took some preparation...one day later was Josh's birthday dinner with grandparents...two days later was Ella's party with friends...one day later was Josh's party with friends...one day later (Saturday) the Easter bunny came and we went to an Easter egg hunt...one day later I hosted Easter dinner with family. Capital Whew!

Here are a bunch of photos from the various events...I am proud of myself that amidst it all I remembered to pull out the camera most of the time! (no pictures from egg hunts - too many kids around!)

I am so excited for Josh to be 8. He has really turned into a little man over the last six months. He is a wonderful helper and is always quick to respond to a request from Mom. He loves his little brother and when the mood is right also plays excellent with his sisters. His passion is bug hunting (we've even run the course of a poisonous spider bite this month) and is a fantastic reader. He has finished reading the full Harry Potter set for the second time and is on to reading "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." He's quite the smarty-pants. Josh was pretty much as excited to start Scouts as he was for his birthday.

Both Grandpas must have been on the same wave-length...both giving him scouting paraphernalea. Josh now has a pocket knife. I am trying really hard to be OK with that!

A bug vaccuum...(at least he takes care of spiders for me!)

A nice stash!

At his pirate party we had a "cannonball stomp"...they had a great time making a lot of noise!

Josh helping his dad prepping the backyard for a swingset...a great worker!

All year I have been asking Ella if she would please stay 3 forever. She agreed most of the time, but as her birthday got closer she would say, "Sorry, Mom, but I can't! I'm going to keep turning numbers!" So cute. I have thoroughly enjoyed Ella as a toddler and little girl. I hope she will still be little even though she is 4 now. She gives me at least 10 hugs & "I love you Mom" every day. Ella is a wonderful singer, picking up on songs very quickly and singing with all her heart. She loves to "babysit" Ammon for a few "monies" when mommy needs help. She is a true fan of movies, anything to do with princesses, and of course dress-ups.

How lucky that this picture turned out so perfect!
Enjoying her princess party
I think she likes it!
Can't go wrong with dress-ups and an umbrella!
Ella's Princess Crown Cake - this was really fun to make (time consuming, but fun!)
Some of our first tulips...hooray!
During Easter dinner Josh got in trouble and had to put his nose on the wall. The rest of the kids decided to "take one for the team" too and kept Josh company. Funny!


  1. Oh my gosh, what a great post! Okay, I have lots of comments.
    1. This post made me realize just how much Josh really has grown up. Wow. SOOOO sad we are going to miss his baptism. It is one of many things we are going to miss for this dang trip.
    2. LOVE Ela's cake.
    3. Can't believe how busy your week was. I am so sad we couldn't come over for the Greek dinner on Easter.
    4. The last picture might be my very favorite of all the grandkids. It should be framed for my mom and dad to take on their mission. :)

  2. That last picture is hilarious! Good job on all the parties. They sound fun. In fact, since you're such a pro, how about taking over for me in a couple days for my baby girl's party? ;)