Aug 3, 2008


So Mark had a little accident last week while working on building the deck. He was walking down the plank (before the stairs were done) and the plank fell off the top deck and he went cartwheeling through the air and smacked his head on the deck...split his forehead right open. Luckily his brother was there helping and they washed it out good and got butterflies on it right away. It was a toss-up if he needed stitches or not so he didn't, and now a week or so later it is healing up so nice - lucky! Here are pics of the injury a day or so later...


  1. Oh, that was such a sad injury! I'm glad to hear it's healing well.

  2. Gosh, that looks nasty!
    I like the photo layout at the top. And your house is coming along beautifully! I love the kitchen cupboards. you'll have to have a house warming party or give tours or something when it's all complete :)