Aug 3, 2008

House Update!!

Finally! I have been asked over and over to post updates on the house...well, I finally took my camera and although there's still lots to be done here is a preview. The exterior is almost all the way done - there will be a black railing on the porch and lights on the sides of the garage. Mark is also going to put in a post light in the yard. And of course landscaping but that will come after we move in.Here is my dining room chandelier
a picture of the living room (don't mind the dust the girls stirred up sweeping) You can see on the left is where the french doors go into the office
a picture of the bathroom cabinets - the picture doesn't do them justice they are really cute knotty alder painted a rusty red color with sanded edges
Master bath
Fireplace in the downstairs family room - still missing some components
We are going to paint some accent walls & do a tile backsplash in the kitchen but here is an idea of what we have:
Here you can see through back into the locker area
There will be glass doors on the open one right there
I love my hood!

We're also going to paint accent walls here and there through the house after we move in. We of course need to still do window treatments too. Carpet is scheduled to start tomorrow and we are crossing our fingers that we pass inspection and can move in Friday and Saturday! Hooray!


  1. Love, Love, Love your kitchen. Please invite me over and teach me to make bread! I would be honored to learn in such a beautiful kitchen. The rest of the house looks amazing, but the kitchen stole my heart!

  2. Love the pics! EVen though I've seen it all, I still enjoy them.

  3. Wow! It is beautiful! I especially love the kitchen, too. I am just so happy for you guys...

    ...and jealous ;)

  4. You are so close! I love the door knob (nob ?? sp??)

  5. Love it! Serious house envy going on right now. I'm so happy for you guys to get out of the basement as I'm sure you are too.

  6. So I've just been catching up on all of your business. You guys have had some fun things going on, you're always good at finding creative things to do. The house looks beautiful, where is it again? And did you have Scott do your loan? I LOVE the doorknobs!