Apr 8, 2010

Spring Happenings

Last Friday night we dyed Easter eggs. Nothing too fancy but the kids had a great time. There's something a little magical about traditions. The Easter bunny comes to our house each year on Saturday instead of Sunday - helps differentiate between the bunny/eggs/candy stuff and the real Easter celebration. We don't really do egg hunts...but the bunny does hide the kids' baskets in the house and they have to find them...Josh figured out the "truth" about the bunny this year and thought that was pretty funny - luckily he can keep a secret! (but he made sure to inform me that he definitely believes in Santa)

Everyone feeling baby Bryce kicking in Mommy's tummy...around 25 weeks I think

A few weeks ago we had a tractor in the backyard digging a trench for Mark's water feature (his dream is finally coming true!) The boys sure loved watching & sitting on the tractor...Ammon still hasn't stopped talking about it!

More posts to come soon for Ella's & Josh's birthdays!

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