May 11, 2009

Great Outdoors

Saturday we enjoyed spending the afternoon at a Mother's Day Fair at the conservation garden park in West Jordan. They had some really neat gardening ideas, and a few fun things for the kids too. Can't go wrong with a sandbox:

Getting balloons was a big hit too:
Ammon cried and cried when we took him out of the sandbox :(
A fun rockwall:
Josh zipped to the top so quick without giving the height a second thought - he was a natural
Tonight for part of family night we shoveled loads and loads of gravel into our playground area. Ammon sat and played forever and was just loving it! I could barely get him to look at me for a picture! Josh was a good brother & playmate.

The playground is safe now with gravel beneath, so we are ready for visitors :)

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  1. Did you say, "can't go wrong with a sandbox" ? I think you now are required to put one in your backyard!