Mar 23, 2009

Mixed Emotions

I tried to trim this clip and only upload the essential part...but I was having issues with Movie Maker. Anyway...It's Official! Mark's parents have received their mission call. Five more months until they leave for the Orient. Right now I have very mixed feelings about this. I know it is right, and I know they will be blessed, and I know it's where they are needed...I just will miss them so much! I am so lucky to have such great in-laws. I'm especially grateful for his Mom who treats me like one of her own when I miss my own mom so much. I guess I'm hoping the blessings will make it to our little family too because we are giving up some great grandparents for 18 months!

Mark said we should save our pennies and visit them over there...Yeah right! I'll be glad just to make it to Disneyland later this year :)


  1. I am excited for them too. But I can see how it is sad for you too. Susan is a great person. She is a bit like my MIL. Resourceful, supportive, constantly loving.

  2. We agree with Mark! You should save your money and come visit us...
    Love, MOM