Sep 29, 2008

Inside the House

This is the entrance to the office / music room
piano on other side of computer desk
downstairs family room...bigger than it looks!
Master bath...also bigger than it looks
Master bedroom. btw I love my roman shades! They can go down from the top or up at the bottom or anywhere in-between. They are so cool!
Hallway bathroom
Ammon will have a train room...the picture is actually a puzzle put together and framed by Grandpa Horton

Living Room...including one of the cutest little boys!
The top portion of the deck. There's a bbq to the left and stairs that go down to the left, then the lower deck is much larger but also much messier at the moment so sorry, no pic yet
Each closet has built-in shelves which are so wonderful! Maybe I shouldn't have picked Josh's to take a picture of because it could be tidier, but oh well!
Josh will have a pirate room
The girls will have a ballerina room. We definitely need some pink walls here!

Dining Room & the maple floor mark installed
Kitchen...the glass on the cabinets looks weird in the pic but the glass is beaded and really pretty. I love my pendant lights.
Another look at the kitchen. We will add some paint and a tile backsplash to add some more color. Another favorite thing is that the cabinets have self-closing hinges.
And another look. The door under the sign goes through to the mud/locker room & laundry.
Last shot of the kitchen. Gotta love all that cupboard space!
Well folks, there you have it! If you'd rather see it in person just give me a call...I might even fix you dinner!


  1. Why is it that I still LOVE looking at these pictures SO much even though I've seen it all in person? I love your house and I can't wait to see some of the painted walls. Btw, the automan looks great!

  2. Your house is beautiful! It will be fun to come and see it in person. Thanks for more baby boy cloths. I just got another bag from Janelle the other day.

  3. Yay for house pics! I've been waiting patiently. I love your kitchen--it is beautiful. Are you guys liking your neighborhood?

  4. That is so exciting! Congratulations. I love your floor and cabinet space.