May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

So I'm a little late posting about Mother's Day because, well, let's just say it wasn't what I expected this year. I guess I should have known when Mark returned home from his soccer game Saturday night with a sprained ankle. I don't think either of us realized how bad it was until Sunday morning when he woke up and about fell over when he tried to walk on it. I was wishing all my training in sports medicine would come right back to me...but ten years of non-use makes for a cloudy memory. Anyway, as I was taking Mark breakfast in bed that morning I'm thinking to myself, "What's wrong with this picture?" Needless to say my expectations for a day of rest and relaxation (with Mark handling the majority of the kids' needs) went right out the window! He ended up on crutches and I ended up having five kids!

I also was asked to sing in Relief Society that day - so I had to practice for that and naturally was a little nervous for that. The hardest thing about it was that it was a song called "My Mother's Love" and I had to try so hard not to think of my own mom or I knew I would lose it. So I had to be totally detatched emotionally when singing - which doesn't necessarily make for a meaningful performance. I miss my mom like crazy. I can't believe it's been two years since her seems like an eternity and I still am trying to understand how she was needed more elsewhere when I still need her so much...

Mark did give me an awesome gift - a "coffee table" hardcover book he had published full of our favorite family pictures...thanks honey, I love it! I was happy we got to spend time with both of our families - dinner with Mark's parents and dessert with all my siblings & their kids. It's so fun to be with everyone and I'm so grateful we have good relationships!

To top off the night we stopped at Urgent Care on the way home to have Mark's foot X-rayed. After all the horror stories we'd heard all day we needed peace of mind that his ankle wasn't fractured. Of course it took forever, and since it wasn't a planned stop I wasn't prepared with things for the kids to do. At the end of a long day, 9:00 - 10:30 on a Sunday night goes by so slow in a waiting room with tired kids! At least we found out it's just a sprain...

I told Mark that I get a re-do for Mother's Day (and he definitely agreed) - so this year Father's day is all mine!


  1. Wow, you do get a redo. Sorry about the bad Sunday. You are an amazing mother

  2. Ya, that would have been a serious let down. Great idea to make it up later. I didn't know your mother passed away. That would be very difficult. You're a great mother! Thank you for the potty training advice! It's getting much better.

  3. Hi Em,

    It has been a while since I have blogged so it was fun to catch up on all you guys have going on. I am sorry Mother's Day was a bummer, there should be one a month..not one a year. Now that I am back in the state we should plan some activities for the kids this summer, to give all of us breaks. Any ideas, I hear the children's museum up here is awesome.