May 15, 2008

Coming Along

So the house framing is nearly complete...
We took the kids over and let them run around inside and they instantly started playing "castle" so I guess that's a good sign. We let them pick out which bedrooms they would get, and explained where everything would be. We were happy to discover that we'll have a great view of the mountains out the front windows. Right now we are trying to finalize colors for the exterior which is proving to be more difficult than we thought. We will have a full finished basement below what you see here...a total of about 3000 square feet which is such an improvement over what we had before so we are really excited.


  1. Emily, that's so exciting! I can't believe how fast a house can go up. Well, it probably doesn't feel fast to you. Or at least it won't while all the finish work is being done, but anyway, I'm so excited for you! I wish we lived over that way instead of so far away from everyone but at least we're close to work which is where we go every day... :)

  2. Hey - I found your blog from Laura's...yea for your new house! I just talked to your dad about it the other night. He sounded excited and said you guys were doing so good!