Jan 24, 2008

More Ammon

Aren't newborns the best!?! I could just sit and hold this sweet little guy all day. Here he's just a few days old...the first pic with his eyes open...

Here he is sleeping through his first bath at home...
Okay so that didn't last very long! He only cried for a bit Here he is today - One Week Old
Also today...he put himself to sleep with his thumb. How cute is that!

We are all doing well and getting adjusted to life with a newborn. The other kids have welcomed him into the family with lots of hugs and kisses - they have been really great and good helpers to Mommy too. I'm starting to think I might actually survive having four kids! Of course I never could have made it through the last week without all the fantastic help we've received from family and friends...especially Mark's parents...THANK YOU!


  1. Ammon is beautiful! He looks like he has your eyes!

  2. Congratulations! I am a little late in finding out. He is cute. I love the forehead wrinkles. And his raised eyebrows. That is the best. I can't believe you are adjusting to 4! I think having more than 2 is a nightmare(though I will get over that fear sometime in the future, just not now) :) Congratulations to you both again! You're amazing!

  3. Ha ha! I love the thumb-sucking picture. I want to come see him again. It's just getting myself to come over there....

  4. What a beautiful baby - I didn't know I had such a lasting impact on your family.

  5. EM-
    He is so beautiful! congrats! If you ever would like to have the older ones come play with tayson we would love it!