Feb 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Holly!

January 31, my lovely Hollyberry turned 8! Can that be possible? She had a fun birthday party with friends, which I didn't photograph, but we did catch a few shots of her special day:
Reading a birthday letter from her dad:
She requested cupcakes because she didn't want me to have to work too hard. What a sweetie. I admit they were a welcome treat after the tractor cake for Ammon. I love how photogenic Holly is - I think the camera likes her :)
Josh, the master builder at our house, had no problem assembling her new zhu zhu track for her
Daddy got carried away in all the excitement...
As requested, wii just dance 2. we had a blast playing it as a family...super fun!
I swore I would never buy another barbie (these girls already have too many) but I couldn't resist getting her the adorable Tangled doll from Disney...too cute!
I think Grandpa Horton nailed it with this gift :)
Some stuff about Holly: She is a fun, friendly, bubbly girl who loves life and loves people. She has a big heart and doesn't judge. She loves to perform and has a very laid-back personality - don't try to rush her! She is very gentle with baby Bryce, an absolute tease to Ammon (grrr) and a best sister to Ella. She admires Josh. She loves time with friends and is a great student. She is very independent and has taught herself to do all kinds of things. I'm hoping that will pay off when we start piano lessons! We love you Holly!

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  1. I couldn't resist that Tangled barbie either, she was sooo cute. Also, let me know when you have a free day and we can do some 'practice' fondant. I would love to help you learn how to make it! (its tastier than store bought and much cheaper!)