Jan 3, 2011


We had a wonderful holiday season! I can't be bothered to put all the pictures in order...but at least there's lots of fun ones :) We decided on December 30 when it was soooo cold and roads were so bad to paint our living room. This is the contraption we had to assemble in order to reach the 10+ft high parts over the stairs: It was a little scary!
Bryce on his 6-month birthday:
The girls on Christmas with their new "pets"
Merry Christmas Mommy!
Merry Christmas Daddy!
Bryce's First Christmas! As expected, he was trying to eat the wrapping paper! He also was working on getting in his "two front teeth" for Christmas, along with two more...that's right...four teeth all at once on top. Not such a nice Christmas gift for Mommy...Merry Christmas Ammon! He opened this present first and that's all he cared about the rest of the day. He couldn't be bothered to open the rest...he LOVES this tractor!
"Belle," I mean Ella, Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas Holly!
Merry Christmas Josh! Incidentally, the Harry Potter legos game is really fun!
Christmas Eve
Hot cocoa bar
We were lucky to spend Christmas Eve at my sister's house - thanks Janelle!

Ammon was entertained for a long time with some big legos. Give him anything with wheels and he's good.
I made "Challah" bread for Christmas Eve - it is a Jewish celebration bread. I made two loaves & they were yummy! It was fun to learn how to braid with six strands of dough!! Not bad for my first attempt:

Christmas party with Mark's family - 7 of the grandkids waiting for present time
Gotta love a cheeser
Janelle & Emily
I hosted the 3rd annual cookie exchange party for all the girls in my family - yummy dinner, delicious cookies, great company, lots of fun!!

What would a girl's party be without dress-ups and a fashion show?A fun snow day
Visiting with Santa at the Black family Christmas party
Dec 17 we took Heidi and Josh up to the Garden in SLC for dinner - Josh got to come because he finished reading the Book of Mormon (in only 3 months!) and this was our congratulations dinner

Bryce was such a good boy that night!
He loves to eat anything he can get in his mouth
That's all folks!

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  1. Awesome marathon post. Loved it! That bread looks so yummy. I can't believe Bryce is getting FOUR teeth on top. Crazy! Good luck with that...