Oct 27, 2010

October all-at-once

In no particular order...I figured I'd better do a post before we have a birthday and Halloween to post about as well.
Here is the cute little guy. He is always happy and talkative if he's held or played with...the rest of the time he's still a "big baby" but somehow we manage and we love him bunches anyway! He's getting his two bottom teeth right now (He'll be four months old on Saturday) - take an already fussy baby and give him pain = not much fun. At least he can hold toys and chew on things for some relief - and luckily he's not doing that to me!

We frosted sugar cookies and delivered them to a few people Monday night for FHE. Lots of fun!

A shot of Mark's water feature with the snow this morning! We just planted the tree too - a Serviceberry - will be pretty and practical (has fruit similar to a blueberry). We will have three of them.
We finally have grass in our backyard!! Mark has worked TIRELESSLY to get rid of TONS of ROCKS back there - Mark, Josh, and my Dad all worked quick to get the sod down Saturday morning just before the rain came - what a blessing! We are so excited! You can also see our Mimosa tree which will give us nice shade and is really beautiful with exotic pink blossoms. We also planted grapes and wysteria which will grow up on an arbor along the back fence which is yet to be completed.

Ammon. Full of love, energy, and fun. All boy - loves anything with wheels. Potty trained (woot woot!) A playful little brother and incredibly loving big brother. Smiles!

A few more cute shots...

One night, when Mark and I got home from a date, we found these treasures on our pillows :)


  1. Wow, Bryce has grown up so much since I last saw him. Those are some big smiles! Good thing we will be seeing you guys Sunday. Can't wait to see the yard too.

  2. Precious pictures. I love the one of Josh and Bryce. I made chocolate cookies with licorise legs and candy eyes for a Halloween party. I forgot to take pictures. They were actually kind of scary looking!