Sep 21, 2010

Wow...two posts in one week!

This is a record for this year!
I actually found time to get back in the kitchen and make some bread this morning (between loads of laundry, dishes, a trip to Walgreens, and kindergarten drop-off/pick-up!). It was so wonderful to bake again! My heart was happy when I pulled these beautiful loaves out of the oven just in time for lunch. Every time I taste this bread I ask myself why I ever stop making it - absolutely nothing compares (even if I am tooting my own horn).
We had our second annual Horton family fall party Saturday. Although it was a toasty day, we had a lot of fun! The girls were also helping celebrate a cousin's birthday so had fun dressing up.
bouncing boys
Ammon, as usual, kept himself busy with a few trucks
Ella enjoying the bounce house
Mark enjoying the hammock. As long as he kept Bryce happy I didn't mind!
Blowing Big Bubbles
Ella and three of my great-nieces. yes, I am a great-Aunt. I don't feel old enough to be a great-aunt! My girls love to play with these girls ;)
Mark's innovative leveling tool: a big timber weighed down by some cute kids! Drag us around Daddy!
Everyone has worked hard to get rocks out of the back yard. Almost ready to lay sprinklers!
Happy September!


  1. You are so gifted with cooking. That bread is beautiful. I haven't had good whole wheat bread for over a year! Bryce is so cute. I can't wait to meet him!

  2. hey em I don't have your email will your send me the recipe for that yummy chili please?