Jul 5, 2008

July so far

The other night we helped cut down a tree in Bryant's backyard...
then had our scripture study & popsicles

I wasn't very camera savvy on the fourth of July, but we had a fun day! We slept over at Grandpa Horton's the night before, went to the parade in Provo the next morning (as always), then headed up Provo canyon for a BBQ, fishing, and bike ride at Vivian Park. This might become our new tradition since it was so much fun. Later on we watched the fireworks done by PG city. A great Independence Day!


  1. Love the t-shirts! I can't wait to have family bike rides....but I'm afraid when that will come bcse Samuel still can't ride a bike.

  2. I wore my Moab shirt last night for a little while. Ha ha. How funny. I love that Ella always wears short shorts and Holly wears long ones. I don't know why that's funny. But Ella really does have the cutest little legs.

  3. Maybe we'll join you next year at Vivian Park. That sounds like a ton of fun! We sneaked into Grandma Stum's pool while she was at the cabin. :)