Jun 22, 2008

"Mom where is my...?"

So I have to say that I hear those words at least twenty times a day (minimum!) Oh, let me add that I also hear it another twenty times from Mark: Honey do you know where my ____ is? So this entry is in honor of all those moms/wives who spent at least 50% of their memory keeping track of where everyone else's belongings are! Whoever said that a photographic memory was a requirement for marriage and a family?

Oh, another favorite..."I'm Hungry!" I won't even start on how tired I get of this phrase. I have no hesitation in giving a kid a snack if they've eaten at meal time, but it really just drives me nuts when they won't finish their plate at meals because they're "full" and then within a half hour I hear the dreaded words. Anyone else get annoyed by this?

Well the whole thing that started this entry was a funny thing Holly said a few minutes ago that really made me laugh:

"Mom do you know where my crap book is?"
"You're crap book?"
"Yeah, my crap book...you know the one I got at preschool?"
"Oooh, your scrapbook!! It's on the counter!" (I could barely get it out through my giggles)

I guess the reward for keeping track of everyone's things is that you get to hear gems like that!


  1. That is so classic! boy did you hit the nail on the head! I stopped keeping track of everyone's stuff, and now we go barefoot, and we no longer have favorite shirts...and the I'm hungry - I am sure that by the time my boys are teenagers I am going to have to mortgage my house to pay for their eats...and crap - that is another term for crafts at our house...the boys always ask me if they can to craps.

  2. I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

    You forgot one..."I'm bored". I think you and I drove our moms nuts with that.

  3. Oh, ya. I get tired of many little phrases. I like the crap one...be sure to write all of those down in their books so they can laugh about it later too.