Apr 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Ella & Joshua!

Ella turned three Saturday and Josh turned seven yesterday! It’s hard to believe my little kiddos are growing up so fast. Although I must admit that I’ve been thinking Ella was already three for a long time now, considering her great vocabulary & speaking abilities. She is a little sweetheart and has a tiny little voice to match. She woke up bright and early Saturday morning and said, “Mommy! I turned three!!” Josh was very anxious for his birthday and I can’t believe I’ve been a mom for seven years. He is as smart and ambitious as ever, with a temper to match…we are working on that. We aren’t doing “friends” parties this year due to our circumstances, but we did have grandparents celebrate with us and we went to Chuck E Cheese last night, so the kids for sure haven't felt deprived. It's been busy but fun!


  1. I know, it's way weird to me to think that Josh will get baptized next year! And sad that all your kids are growing up before I can even have any! Oh well...what can you do?

  2. Man, I had forgotten you went to Florida with Mark! I guess I was at Ricks at the time...yeah, I have to say, it was the best vacation I've ever been on! Hopefully these guys will qualify with MetLife every year. Next year is San Diego!